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Anna Cristina Pedretti

12540878_10208633820153817_4448707831923601848_n Cristina, Pedagogy Coordinator, graduated in modern humanities and orientation pedagogy with a title in perfection in narrative medicine. She has worked for many years and continues to collaborate with UONPIA (Unità operativa di neuropsichiatria Infantile e dell’Adolescenza) as a practitioner of psychopedagogy. For seven years, she lived in Umbria, coordinating a social cooperative’s activities for a network of children’s services for ages 0 to 6 years. She returned to Milan where she worked for five years as a pedagogy coordinator in an English school for children. She has always worked with children and their families. Now, she is developing a new job in writing research on how to practice care in educational relationships. She has a 15-year-old son; she studies and interprets stage readings on topics of social relevance for a cultural promotion association.