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Francesca Pascale


Francesca graduated in cultural heritage sciences from the State University of Milan. She completed a master’s degree in museum exhibitions in Florence and worked in the artistic setting for several years. It was during this period that she understood how truly interested she was in bringing children and art together in order to instill a passion in them for history and to apparently difficult themes….without boring them. Following this prospect, she set off on a new path of studies exclusively focused on childhood.

After some time, she began Art Seen Like This: Art History Workshops deigned for children younger than 6-years-old, which were created using an innovative and extremely/very fun method. As time went by, she wrote and published five volumes in a series that has the same noble end as the workshops: Sbuccia e Puntino, Art Seen Like This!. Today, Francesca works as a freelancer in schools, and has founded Puntino Colorato, the first bilingual primary school dedicated entirely to art!

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