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We hope to leave you in the growth path of your children
A Colored Little Dot, which can accompany them very, very far!

Mission and Vision


The preschool represents an educational context that, united with the family’s irreplaceable role, contributes to children’s growth and development.
1) The Puntino Colorato values every child’s potential and supports his or her identity development in a serene and wellness-centered environment.

2) It provides children with the necessary tools to best express their communication, social, artistic, relational and intellectual potential, accompanying them on their path towards reaching autonomy in a peaceful and stimulating place that nurtures/encourages/aids their affective, cognitive and social growth.

3) It creates spaces for socialization and artistic expression (as understood it all its forms) with love and with respect for both diversity and for the environment as well as the children’s and the families’ wellbeing.


We hope to promote daily didactic activities in all educational fields (literature-writing/ preliteracy and literacy) in preparation for primary school, pursuing this objective using a special instrument: children’s approach to art!

We believe that art is a direct, active way to experiment with reality, using senses and emotions. To value and guide children along this path of exploration means to nurture their affective and cognitive development.

Children explore reality and create through experimentation and playing. The Puntino Colorato is characterized mainly by its workshop activities, where a child can play and create based on his or her own experience.

Who we are

Our nursery school tells the story of Francesca “Puntino” Pascale, graduated in art history with an enthusiasm for (working with?) children, deciding to unite these two passions and turn them into her career. She enters the world of childhood in a preschool in Milan, where she is responsible for various artistic activities.

There she meets Alessia Berti, who recently returned from London and who is planning to become an English teacher for children. When their two paths split, both friendship and the vocation for entrepreneurship keeps them united.

From these two dots, a colorful Puntino is formed/created/founded/established.



In Evidence

At Puntino Colorato we love to take care of the families interested in our educational program.

For this reason we schedule individual meetings to learn about each family’s specific needs and to present them our POF (Piano dell’Offerta Formativa).

No need to wait for an Open Day… contact us and book your appointment with us any time!

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