Puntino Colorato is a school for great artists, where everything is taught in English through the creative lens of Art and multilingualism.

In a welcoming and stimulating environment, our schools welcome children aged between 6 months and 6 years.

The Puntino Colorato nursery schools are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Puntino Colorato nursery is authorized by the Municipality of Milan.

why choose us?

Followed closely

At Puntino Colorato we take the responsibility of helping you in your children’s educational journey.

We closely follow you through face-to-face meetings and brief phone consultations.

We work together to ensure children thrive both in school and outside of it.

Every day, parents receive photographs of the workshops to discuss them with their children and create a cross-sectional dialogue between the school and families.

We are all different

Our little Puntini don’t need to copy their peers.

They don’t color pre-printed photocopies.

We value their characteristics, respecting each individual’s personality and preferences, while guiding them in understanding and internalizing the rules of healthy coexistence, with peers and adults.


Today’s children will be the adults of a society where knowing languages will be indispensable.

At Puntino Colorato, they learn English by experiencing it all day long. It’s our way of communicating with them from nursery onwards, and as they grow, they become truly bilingual!

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“A simple and creative idea like a dot that becomes colorful, as nature teaches us to do to make things more beautiful!