The pedagogical choice that guides our journey is to see Art as an integrative background to all the experiences offered to children in the age range of 6 months to 6 years, and bilingualism, or rather multilingualism, as the basis for the development of creative and divergent thinking.

Attention and care for the emotional and relational dimension of the child allow for the formation of a secure foundation for development upon which each individual can begin to shape their own system of experiences and from which children draw their knowledge and develop their personality.

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We believe that art is a direct, active way to experiment with reality, using senses and emotions.

To value and guide children along this path of exploration means to nurture their affective and cognitive development.

Children explore reality and create through experimentation and playing.

Puntino Colorato is characterized mainly by its workshop activities, where a child can play and create based on his or her own experience.


Children attending Puntino Colorato are in an environment where English is spoken in full immersion mode all day long.

The teachers use it spontaneously and fluently as a vehicular language in both educational and routine activities.

Children naturally exposed to the English language use the same learning tools that support them in acquiring their mother tongue.

Certainly, the language development timelines of each child must be respected.

No child is pushed to speak in English; rather, we work on their motivation to use this language through engaging, interesting, and fun activities.

The latest neuropsychological studies continue to show us how individuals exposed to multiple languages have a wider range of learning strategies at their disposal… the earlier you start, the better!


Creative workshops have the important goal of introducing children to the pleasure of exploring with colors… with shapes and materials.

It is important for us that they discover the joy of taking care of their own work, and that they learn the sharing of tools and a collective commitment.


At Puntino Colorato, there is always the opportunity to introduce children and parents to ongoing exhibitions, inviting them to appreciate their importance and beauty, both during school hours and in free afternoons.

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In our painting workshops, held daily, children can actively discover the rules and techniques that underlie visual language through the guidance of their teacher, with absolute autonomy and freedom regarding their own pace, without fear of getting dirty or making a mess!

During the LABS, children understand that colors evoke vital sensations, emotions… the “motions of the soul,” as Kandinsky said.

Because colors have the inherent ability to communicate with all of us, children can perceive their importance and speed of expression.



The Colorful Dot is attentive to the planet and the historical moment we are living in, so we try to convey to children the importance of using everything they find to play and have fun.

We don’t throw anything away!

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of imagination and goodwill to give new life to everyday objects.

Just look at them with a pinch of creativity!