The optimal age is around six months when children can sit up, explore their surroundings, and interact better with the environment. Another essential element is that they have started weaning so that the 1:8 ratio allows for managing their meals.

The adjustment period lasts for one week. On the first day, you will spend one hour together with your children. From the second day onwards, the duration of stay will gradually increase.

A canvas bag with two complete changes of clothes, non-slip socks, a sippy cup, and a bib.

Certainly, yes. Very young children enjoy being together and learn through collaboration.

In the Puntino nursery, there is one educator for every 8 children.


The insertion takes place in a week. The presence of the parent is required only for the first two days, and then gradually lengthens the time spent at school.

A complete change of clothes, a water bottle, and a pair of non-slip shoes.

There is no precise timeline as each individual is different and has their own pace of language acquisition. However, after about a month, our children understand routines and basic words. A few months later, they start speaking their first words in English in response to the teachers.

In our Preschools there is one teacher for every 10/11 children.


We rely on specialized catering for preparing food for the children. Daily communication allows us to customize diets even for the youngest ones.

Certainly. We are a small community, which enables us to build strong bonds with families and organize individual meetings with the designated teachers.

Communication is daily, and families receive photographs of the activities offered to the children. There are collective meetings for the presentation of the educational project and individual meetings as needed.