Our nursery school tells the story of Francesca Pascale, so passionate about children that she decided to combine two passions and make it her profession.

She went back to studying and created a method to teach Art to the little ones. She takes it around schools in Milan through her courses for a few years, but the real dream is to open a fully Colorful Dot…

To do this, she asks for help from Cristina Pedretti, a super pedagogue with plenty of experience in schools, always cheerful and ready for new challenges.

She too becomes passionate about the project, and so today they work together in the most creative nursery school there is!

Head Teacher:


Francesca Pascale

Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, specializing in Cultural Heritage at the University of Milan, she worked in the artistic field for a few years. During that time, she realized she wanted to find a way to introduce children to art: to engage them in history and seemingly difficult topics in a fun way.

She pursued a new educational path exclusively focused on early childhood and trained as an Educator. She holds a master’s degree in Child Psychology and Positive Discipline Strategies for Young Children from UCLA.

After some time, Art was born like this: Art History workshops for children under six, created with a unique and innovative method. She is the author of five volumes of the “Sbuccia e Puntino, l’arte vista così!” series.

Francesca now directs the Puntino Colorato schools and has two daughters.



Cristina Pedretti

Cristina is the Pedagogical Coordinator, with a degree in Modern Literature with a Pedagogical orientation, a specialization in Narrative Medicine, and clinical training gained through extensive collaboration with the Neuropsychiatry Services in Milan.

She lived in Umbria, coordinating a network of twenty Nursery Schools, and has always been involved with children and their families.

Currently, she is developing research and training on writing as a practice of care in educational relationships.

She has a 20-year-old son and has been coordinating childcare services nationwide for 25 years.


They speak fluent English, and their loving and competent approach makes the days at Puntino Colorato brighter!


Teacher Astina
Nursery teacher and supervisor


Teacher Elena
Preschool teacher


Teacher Elva
Nursery teacher


Teacher Hyoni
Preschool teacher


Preschool teacher and supervisor


Teacher Lucrezia
Preschool teacher


Teacher Monika
Preschool teacher and supervisor


Teacher Vittoria
Nursery teacher